Components Deconstructed

INSULATED HEADERS - To prevent thermal bridges, all the windows and door headers are insulated with EPS.

ELECTRICAL CHANNELS - EnerGard® walls provide a pre-drilled channel for easy installation of electrical wiring.

SOLID INSULATION - Expanded polystyrene insulation provides a solid barrier to wind, moisture, heat and cold.

​​I-COLUMNS - Superior structural strength and wide nailing face for drywall and cladding.

  • Engineered I-columns for strong and straight walls
  • Wide I-columns permit easy fastening of cladding system and drywall
  • Provides lateral stiffness to wall
  • Provides backing support for wall finishes
  • Good air barrier resistance
  • Good vapour resistance
  • Erect studs and install insulation in one step
  • Can support full weight of a workman
  • Better quality control as panes are factory assembled
  • Pre-fabrication of panes allow easy, accurate installation

EnerGard Wall Systems will give your construction projects the competitive edge.

Pre-fabrication and quality components means accelerated, streamlined project completion without compromise to quality, consistency or durability. 

Faster Construction, Superior Results